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Re: POLYRHYTHMIC COUNTERPOINT was Re: Supporting the Y2K-X LOOP FEST with a preview of my composition for the Looper's Delight Compilation Vol. IV

One of my early bits of recorded looping is all drifty on the actual loop 
part (Roland GR-500 into Digitech RDS3600) but was built on top of a drum 
pattern built out of several cycles of different lengths carefully 
programmed into a Korg DDM-110 and DDM-220. The bass line was also 
somewhat inspired by Terry Riley's In C in that that I wrote down a series 
of figures and handed them to the bass player I was working with and said 
play these in sequence at whatever rate of progression feels right to you. 
I don't think he particularly appreciated trying to work with the drum 
pattern, however.