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RE: Abelton Live question

Here's what I think is the source of the original problem.

In Ableton Live, selecting a track does not, by itself, change what 
happens to the audio or MIDI routing.  It simply chooses the track that 
you're going to be working on at the moment.

Independently of what track is selected, your MIDI instrument(s) are 
routed to one or more tracks for potential recording purposes.  The way to 
tell which track will receive MIDI input is to look at the small red 
"record" indicator in the channel strip, adjacent to the bottom of the 
strip's volume fader.

When you drag an instrument to a track, Live automatically arms that track 
for recording.

So I think that this is what happened:

1) You drag an instrument to a new MIDI track.  That automatically arms 
the track for recording, so when you play your MIDI keyboard, that's the 
instrument that sounds.

2) You drag an instrument to a second MIDI track.  That arms the second 
track for recording and disarms the first track, so when you play your 
MIDI keyboard, you hear the second track.

3) You select the first MIDI track.  That does not change which tracks are 
armed, so when you play your MIDI keyboard, you still hear the second 

To solve this problem, instead of just selecting the track, click the 
track's "record arm" button.  This will select the track, and arm it for 
recording, and disarm the other track.