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RE: Abelton Live question

> I dont know you could do that!! ha ha! Can you save different GUI 
> one of In a host (minimal) or fullscreen (all)?

> No. This is a default setting for Mobius and it affects Mobius
> standalone and Mobius plug-in equally. 

If you're comfortable messing around with files you can create
multiple GUI configs but it isn't easy.  GUI configuration is stored
in the file ui.xml (which on Mac will be in /Library/Application
Support/Mobius).  Change the display components like Per describes,
then copy this file to something with a meaningful name like
ui-minimal.xml.  Repeat this process creating different files.  Now
when you want to swap configurations use Finder or the command line to
rename one of your files to ui.xml.  Mobius can't be running when you
do this.