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RE: Abelton Live question

> You can modify some of Mobius text files to make it default to 4
> tracks instead of 8. I remember I did that when using Live as the
> host. Don't forget to move away a back-up copy of the text file before
> you start mocking around with it in the Text Editor.

Edit the file /Library/Application Support/Mobius/mobius.xml, you should
see a mess at the top that looks like this.

<MobiusConfig quickSave='mobiusloop' noiseFloor='13' 
suggestedLatencyMsec='0' inputLatency='0' outputLatency='0' fadeFrames='0' 
maxSyncDrift='2048' tracks='8' trackGroups='2' maxLoops='4' 
longPress='500' midiMode='normal' pluginPins='16' shiftRange='48' 
tracePrintLevel='1' traceDebugLevel='2' driftCheckPoint='loop' 
dualPluginWindow='true' preset='Default'>

Notice in the middle of this is tracks='8', change the 8 to a 4 and be
careful to preserve the single quotes around the value.  Mobius must not
be running when you do this.  Save the file and start Mobius.