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Re: Abelton Live question

Nice to hear Buzap...

on one point...
>I will def be making a Live floating window version of the GUI!!

I removed almost everything fro the gui now, reduced tracks to 4, just left the pie chart and volumes inputs actually per channel...
I removed some of the default controls, and added some that wernt deafauly..


Can I move them now, to bunch them together or shrink them? I have a very EMPTY interace now, all I want is to see whats going on on each 4 tracks, the loop display thing, the UNDO thing, and all the more esoteric buttons, normal ones being handled by footpedal.

OH and one more point... is it normal that Mobius/Live crashes if you divide the loop using instant divide, over and over till its just a buzz.. I do this on EDP by SUS MULT-ing on Mobius its cool as fuck, but tends to crash the machine if Im trying to divide TOOOO short.. is there a limit? and how can I stop it going past that limit?

 Buzap said...
Not so optimistic about the loop window, but I think you can achieve pretty much everything else with Mobius.

I couldnt program this to save my life, but I know HOW you could do it... if Mobius commands happen immediatly...

First record a long loop, say on 8th setting 16. Then run script that auto-divides by 16. (this just chops the loop down to a small portion)
THEN run new script (the loop windowing script) Which will AT THE SAME TIME (or a micro second later) UNDO the loop back to full length, MOVE (or lag, or change start point or whatever this is called in Mobius) THEN auto divide down to 16ths again.. run the same script again to move one MORE chunk. so we are constantly (but immediatly) undoing back to fll length , moving thru by a 16th, then deviding back again...

Could this work..
IF SO.. someone please program it for me!!



On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
Hi Mark

>aha.. lots of new stuff to try GREAT!!!!!

I have modified almost every command to do exactly what I want.
Not so optimistic about the loop window, but I think you can achieve pretty much everything else with Mobius.

best regards
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