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RE: Abelton Live question




> Can I move them now, to bunch them together or shrink them?


There is a function called "Move Display Components" I usually bind to

the Z key.  When you hold this down the things in the UI will draw

only their outlines so you can see if they overlap.  While in this

mode you can then click and hold the mouse over them and drag them

around.  The problem with the version that's out there now is that

these boxes aren't labeled so it can be hard to know what they do,

especially for the ones that are normally invisible like the

Minor Mode component that shows things like the status of rate

or pitch shift.  Once you drag the components around then you can

resize the window.


To change the buttons at the top use the Configuration->Buttons window.


> OH and one more point... is it normal that Mobius/Live crashes if you divide the

> loop using instant divide, over and over till its just a buzz


There could certainly be a bug here.  There is a minimum size enforced

when you record a new loop, it's very small, around 256 samples I

think but it's also related to latency compensation.  But Divide

probably isn't checking this limit, it will keep dividing until the

loop length goes to zero.  Then like all computers that reach a logical

conflict,  Mobius will overheat and sparks and smoke will

come pouring out of the keyboard.


You could protect yourself with a script that checks the loop length

before doing the divide.  Something like this:


   !name Safe Divide

   if loopFrames > 1000




> First record a long loop, say on 8th setting 16. Then run script that auto-divides by 16.

> (this just chops the loop down to a small portion)

> THEN run new script (the loop windowing script) Which will AT THE SAME TIME....


I think I see what you want.  It isn't exactly loop windowing but the audible

effect could be similar.  Is this it?


  1) record base loop

  2) run magic script, 16th slice of base loop plays

  3) run magic script, 15th slice of base loop plays

  4) run magic script, 14th slice of base loop plays

  5) ...


That's possible but I'll have to think about it more.  One of the

differences between this and true loop windowing will be what happens

when you get to slice 1.  On the EDP it will keep going back in time

through previous layers you may have created while building up the

base loop.  I suppose the magic script could do something similar, by

undoing twice instead of once when you get to the first slice. 


What you can't do though is have a "window" that spans two layers.  For

example, say you have a loop 1 second long that was built up over 3 layers. 

Now you use Unrounded Mulitply to carve out the last .75 seconds of the

base loop.  On the EDP if you now press UNDO (or would it be two presses?)

the loop you hear will be made up of .5 seconds from layer 2 and the first

.25 seconds of layer 3.  Mobius can't do that yet, but if you can live

with having the slices be exact divisions of the base loop, then we might

be able to do something similar.