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Are they playing an instrument, or are they doing 50 push-ups?
If only one could cheat and NOT really do it, but somehow use technology to achieve the same sound, so anyone could do it,
if only there was a device that could , oh I dont know, record what you play and repeat it at odd timings, so you didn't have to... that would be wonderful!
   not sure I've understand your point here, Mark, but I'm almost sure that technology will allow that in the future and I would try that for sure (I'd like a sort of "generative odd time signature software...lot of fun !).

Ahh OK, sorry maybe was being a bit obscure... I was of course referring to loopers.. the thread has previously been filled with lots of examples of how to do it with a looper...

Interesting that you responded Fabio, I often like to watch open mouthed at your clicking percussion video... theres very little emotion there however Im just transfixed by the skill you have there, and not a little jealous I am sure. Its this dichotomy I struggle with... Musicians need to be skillful... but NOT THAT SKILLFUL, or else it becomes a freak show.

By the way I dissagree with your comment..

>but achieving a "musical" result for your composition involves working on an emotional level

 just to point out that where (above) I said "there very little emotion here" .. is NOT an insult! I love many types of music that has very little emotion, and my wife HATES music with emotion, and only listens to the most minimal electronic music.

mark francombe
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