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2010/9/8 mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>

Interesting that you responded Fabio, I often like to watch open mouthed at your clicking percussion video... theres very little emotion there however Im just transfixed by the skill you have there, and not a little jealous I am sure. Its this dichotomy I struggle with... Musicians need to be skillful... but NOT THAT SKILLFUL, or else it becomes a freak show.
Here again, Mark, and happy to connect with you ! I'd like to chime in here more often, but I dont' write often 'cos my english is unfortunately not so good.
 ..Then you find "very little emotion" in that video ? I don't, really !
It's just ME emotionated while doing that (look at 1,21" of that video...where I lost myself ...)
By the way I dissagree with your comment..

>but achieving a "musical" result for your composition involves working on an emotional level

 just to point out that where (above) I said "there very little emotion here" .. is NOT an insult! I 
       Yes, it isn't !
love many types of music that has very little emotion, and my wife HATES music with emotion, and only listens to the most minimal electronic music.
Mee too like minimal electronic music.
I think it's just a linguistic matter.  It depends by what each of us intend for "music with emotion". Maybe it's clear to say: music that "touches" you on some level ?
...see you in Santa Cruz...I'll show you a 4:13.... ;-)