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  and two of my very favorite odd time signature songs that my wife 
wrote and recorded

SILVER STREET     Christine Wedertz   from 'Silver Street      in 5/4

WHO WOULDN'T LEAVE   Christine Wedertz   from 'Silver Street'    in 5/4

And some famous and and some of my favorite odd time signatures in 
popular music:

TAKE FIVE    Dave Bruebeck   (a 'waltz' in 5/4,  swung)
         ---  first million selling single in Jazz history  from his 
ground breaking record 'Time Out'

BLUE RONDA A LA TURK    Dave Bruebeck (from the same record)
       --- A Blues, using a Rondo form (I believe) in Karsilama - the 
most famous Turkish 9/8 rhythm
              counted    2 2 2 3   2 2 2 3    2 2 2 3    3 3 3

THEM from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE    10/8   counted  3 3 2 2

MONEY Pink Floyd   in 7/4   from 'Dark Side of the Moon'

MORNING BELL   Radio Head  in 5/4   from "Kid A"

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE  The Beatles   with the verses in 7/4, the rest in 4/4

LIVING IN THE PAST   Jethro Tull  7/4

RIVER MAN   Nick Drake  from  'Five Leaves Left'

PLAYIN' IN THE BAND  Grateful Dead   10/4  (or two bars of 4/4 and one 
of 2/4)

GET CLOSER  Linda Rondstadt (that was actually on top 40 radio in the 
day)  7/4

whole albums by the group TOOL who really favor 5/4 , 10/8, 5/8

Here's an interesting podcast on the subject:
called "Meters and Time Signatures"  from Pandora Internet Radio