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oh man she is just too awesome ....i cannot believe that she is not playing here in europe when you are here ,shes too shy and we gotta get this girl out of santa cruz man please!!!

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 12:10 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
 and two of my very favorite odd time signature songs that my wife wrote and recorded

SILVER STREET     Christine Wedertz   from 'Silver Street      in 5/4

WHO WOULDN'T LEAVE   Christine Wedertz   from 'Silver Street'    in 5/4

And some famous and and some of my favorite odd time signatures in popular music:

TAKE FIVE    Dave Bruebeck   (a 'waltz' in 5/4,  swung)
       ---  first million selling single in Jazz history  from his ground breaking record 'Time Out'

BLUE RONDA A LA TURK    Dave Bruebeck (from the same record)
     --- A Blues, using a Rondo form (I believe) in Karsilama - the most famous Turkish 9/8 rhythm
            counted    2 2 2 3   2 2 2 3    2 2 2 3    3 3 3

THEM from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE    10/8   counted  3 3 2 2

MONEY Pink Floyd   in 7/4   from 'Dark Side of the Moon'

MORNING BELL   Radio Head  in 5/4   from "Kid A"

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE  The Beatles   with the verses in 7/4, the rest in 4/4

LIVING IN THE PAST   Jethro Tull  7/4

RIVER MAN   Nick Drake  from  'Five Leaves Left'

PLAYIN' IN THE BAND  Grateful Dead   10/4  (or two bars of 4/4 and one of 2/4)

GET CLOSER  Linda Rondstadt (that was actually on top 40 radio in the day)  7/4

whole albums by the group TOOL who really favor 5/4 , 10/8, 5/8

Here's an interesting podcast on the subject:
called "Meters and Time Signatures"  from Pandora Internet Radio