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midi signal dissapearing...

I have a couple of midi merge boxes like this one:

Now both work fine, I know this cos a little light comes on if I use them on their own, but NOW, in a slightly new arrangement, I need to send the midi from one box INTO the other, for some reason the second one doesnt get the midi, (no light).

Now Ive never had to use a PSU cable with them before, but is that it? That the power from midi is being used up on the first box so it cant power the second?

So if I power the FIRST box, will the second box be able to power itself from the incoming midi? The reason? well the second box lives in my pedalboard, and I dont want ANOTHER wall wart there (for some reason it hasnt got a standard Boss style socket, looks the same but bigger.. grrrr)


PS; What on earth does everyone on this list do for a living, I suddenly realised that Ive got a whole program to export from FCP, thats 30 video clips, and I havent done anything today, just waffling on LD!!! better get back to work!

mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe