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Re: Polymeter - Polyrhythm - Changing Meter

  The Marks (Showalter and Hamburg)

"Again, not sure what you are trying to say here. If I do have a clue, 
would you be referring to music in a 2 feel but the rythm is in 3 like 
Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

That song is pretty much a straight 3/4. Okay. I think the rhythm guitar 
is playing essentially 1 2&  3.
There are a lot of pairs of bars that establish a macro rhythm, but it 
doesn't feel like 1 2&  3 4 5&  6.

And I've got a picture of me watching the Edmund Fitzgerald go through the 
locks at Sault Ste Marie
for whatever that's worth. "

this is tangential to the discussion but it just tripped me back
through memory lane.

Glad you are name checking Gordon Lightfoot.
For my 16th birthday,  my sister drove me to the Fillmore Auditorium to see
Gordon Lightfoot and Canned Heat.  It was amazing and formative for me to
see the hippies in action on their turf for the first time. (and 
so sad that 16 year olds are barred from so much music in our culture 
these days)

When Linda Brammer,  my first puppy love of my life in 9th grade,  broke 
up with me
and walked home after school holding hands with my 1st and only best 
friend, Bob Murphy, 
ending a wonderful friendship that had lasted for 3 years I locked myself 
into my room
and played  Lightfoots'  "Oh Linda"  over and over for a couple of weeks.
Wow, I didn't realize how bad abandonment could feel.
I've always wanted to do a cover of that song for the loop festival.  I 
work it up.