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Re: Polymeter - Polyrhythm - Changing Meter

> > Again, not sure what you are trying to say here. If I do have a 
> > clue, would you be referring to >music in a 2 feel but the rythm 
> > is in 3 like Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck Of The Edmund 
> > >Fitzgerald" ?
> i think i don't know that song. i'm afraid. but it looks that's what i
> meant. sounds like a good chance to use a 6/X meter, isn't? could you
> write a 2/X or even better a 3/X? yes. but that's the best occasion to
> use a 6/X since that's his "raison d'être".
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away    The Beatles

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Along with Edmond Fitzgerald all have this same feel.
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