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Re: question for tech junkies

hey Rainer,

thanks for the insight, that is what I was anticipating, too many nodes 
for confusion.

I am listening to your recordings right now, having some problems with 
probably because of the time of day. Everyone just got home. Love th idea 
of the 
studio performance getting broadcast. I have a great room for that, tell 
me more 
about it.


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antonyhequet@yahoo.com schrieb:
> Anyway, anyone who is not dead of boredom reading all this: any 
>which may help me sort this out is most welcome.

first of all, I'm not at all familiar with the mLAN technology, so can't 
on this.
However, I had used similar setups in the past: once for "An Ambient 
 then for recording "A tätowierte Katz'" 

In both cases, the setup went something like:
computer running a DAW software, RME digiface (3xADAT I/O 1xSPDIF I/O), 
two ADAT 
I/O pairs connected to a DDX3216 console (32x16x8x2 console w/ 16 analog 
ins and 
2+4 analog outs and a pair of ADAT I/O), the remaining ADAT I/O connected 
to an 
ADA8000 (8ch analog I/O w/ micpres). There was also something connected to 
SPDIFs I think...(Eclipse?)

The problem here was: there were three things which did some kind of 
the console, the digiface matrix, and the DAW. And as you said, this can 
rather complex, because a) you don't have something physical to look at 
more importantly, b) you don't have one pivotal routing point.

That being said: I would suggest that if this works for your application, 
with the first (mLAN) route, this way being able (as I understood your 
description) to do everything routing-wise in your mixer. Or find a way to 
control everything from your DAW via some virtual mixer there. Everything 
has a great chance of ending in chaos during a performance/live recording 
situation (including feedback loops - and we're not talking the good 



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