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Re: Small Stone Power connector.. where does it go?

mark francombe wrote:
> Hi, 
> Can someone with a Small Stone phaser please open it up


> and tell me 
> where the power socket connects to?

dammit, different version

presumably Mark's is Eighties vintage,
does anyone out there have such a device?

> I have been using mine on batteries 
> for years (lasts for ages) but now in a bid to stop using batteries at 
> all in my life, I notice that the wires have come disconnected from the 
> board...

> If someone can d/l this pic and mark it with the 2 places red and 
> black... or + and - or something...

Originally you had a neat switching system where plugging in
the power jack disconnected the negative side of the battery.

So part 1
 The Red +ve lead that you snipped from the battery clip
   is just right for connecting the +ve terminal of your new 

is easy

now part 2
  Assuming your unit was working fine with batteries.
  All you have to do is find a way of connecting the -ve
   terminal of your power socket to the chassis of the pedal.
  ( the earth tags on either the audio input or output are
    the easiest way)

   The "ring" tag on the input jack socket can be used if you 
   wanted to switch off power to the circuit when there's no input
   jack inserted.


part 3
...but what about that mysterious yellow wire that seems to have come 
Looks like that's where the audio comes in.
My SS has two wires on that terminal, one goes 
to the bypass switch (and it's hard to see but I think
yours has a red wire disappearing under the circuit board.).

So, looks like that yellow wire is the one that carries the input audio 
onto the circuit board.
...and this is where our 2 units differ the most.
Somewhere in the middle of the lower half of the circuit board as pictured
there'll be a big blob of solder just like the ones around it
that have wires coming out. With luck you'll even be able to see a tiny 
of the wire as evidence.

ok...I'm not going to say the sch-word, but failing the above.....

That's as much as I can do with that photo, if I could see the circuit 
traces better I might be able to suss it.

> Please help, how can I get that hissy swoosh without it?
> M.xxx