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Re: Small Stone Power connector.. where does it go?

Ha ha.. fantastic Andy.. I think I might be able to suss it out with you instructions.. I think it all made sense, just need to get home and try it out

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 11:34 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
ok...I'm not going to say the sch-word, but failing the above.....

Sorry Im a bit slow.. I think you have to say the word.. "Schmuck"??? "Schweppes"??"School"??

You know it WAS working from batteries.. but you are completely right, in my blindness I DID appear to have snipped that lead from the audio in, I found the other end dangling under the circuitboard connected to the footswitch. I replaced it, but the thing still didnt work. Ill try to follow you instructions later.

I think you are right...

Its been pretty fun pulling out all my dusty old pedals and making a stompbox solution, (I loved that Small Stone.. - hint! pull out the input jack heh heh.. fun!!!) for a few years now Ive been using multi effects, first the GP16, then Fireworx... Even tho its been a bit of a 'mare fitting all my pedals into my old pedal board, its kind of sexy... after THIS, my plan is to ad CV control to some of my pedals currently UN-used expression pedal inputs, and running them from an old analog sequencer... pretty old skool. but then synchin all that from Mobius thru Audio Mulch... yum yum... its gonna be crazy!

mark francombe
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