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Re: Electron Octatrack

Anders Bergdahl wrote:
> Some new info on their site, iit looks like a intresting hybrid between 
> a looper, sequencer and sampler that can also mangle the loops...
> http://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack?section=faq
> Reflections??

Let's not get carried away here:-

Caveat no.1

 "your captured loops will immediately be time stretched to the BPM of the 

Can that feature be switched off?

Caveat no.2

 "5. Guitarists and multi-instrumentalists looking for the best looper 
option around?"

anyone who claims "the best looper" doesn't know what a stupid comment 
that is.

Caveat no.3
Isn't the favoured repeater trick the one where the pitch and tempo change
together, aka varispeed? There's no mention of that.