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Re: Electron Octatrack

Hey Andy,  dont be such a party pooper!

"your captured loops will immediately be time stretched to the BPM of the Octatrack."

Can that feature be switched off?

this is the same as repeater, and you cant switch that off...  its a loop, it stretches to fit the bpm... thats what I took that to mean...

Caveat no.2

"5. Guitarists and multi-instrumentalists looking for the best looper option around?"

anyone who claims "the best looper" doesn't know what a stupid comment that is.

ha ha I agree.. pretty risky, but I do LOVE the products from them, they are a great company, and to dare to make such a claim, is at least a challenge

Caveat no.3
Isn't the favoured repeater trick the one where the pitch and tempo change
together, aka varispeed? There's no mention of that.

Thats  a crap repeater gimmick yes... who uses that more than once?

mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe