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Re: Dissing the Repeater's Varispeed function

i said,
  "Thats  a crap repeater gimmick yes... who uses that more than
> once?"

Rick said

Errrrrr, me!!!!!!     I love that the Repeater can make a found musical object become
a three octave ranged chromatic instrument.  It's allowed me to make music that
no other technology that has existed has allowed me to do in real time.

Its not the same thing Rick, I also LOVE to play the FCB like a keyboard, with the loop being pitched. The nice thing is that the rythmic nature of the loop is retained, just the pitch changes..

The CC14 trick however...

I this is about the "CC#14 trick" on the Repeater. I liked that and
used it sometimes.
Per said

... is the trick of having the pitch AND loop speed slow down to a grinding halt. I have no doubt that Per user it with his fantastic creativity, for cool effect.

I however just used it for that "one trick wonder" of the slow down at end of gig.
Thats the cliché that I was referring to...

Im sorry for getting exited by a new product guys. Especially as its hardware, which I am personally more drawn to. I very much admire this companies previous products, am exited to see what this might be, and far from suggesting some features that will just make it similar to what I currently like and am into, I am psyched to wait and see what new and groovy options these guys have thought up that doesn't fit the current looper mold. I dont want another repeater, or a hardware mobius.


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe