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Re: OT: midi mergers

 Hey James,
I saw a product in the latest Guitar Player magazine that, though it may not be a solution for you seems like it might have great possibilities when trying to sync midi clock with multiple performers. http://www.moltenvoltage.com/molten_midi_2.html
 Though its main selling feature is the ability to integrate with a digitech whammy pedal (midi version) and create user programmable arpeggios based on the whammies pitch shifts, it also serves as a stand alone midi clock generator with a tap tempo. One of these and a decent midi splitter box could send steady clock information to several devices and eliminate issues that occur when switching midi controllers, and clock responsibilities between band mates. I could see this as an effective tool if for example the drummer in the band used this to define tempos for the other members loopers or synced effects processors. BTW james is that a timefactor you are having issues with or a rack unit. its interesting to me that a piece of hardware from the vaunted Eventide would have these issues. In contrast my line 6 M-9 seems to have rock solid midi sync for all of its tempo based effects, but then again my midi routing is simpler and I'm always generating clock from my LP-2's first track. i wish in both of these items cases the onboard looper would also respond to midi clock, but I may be misinformed about the Timefactor in this regard.