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From: ejyuhas
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2010 9:39 AM
Subject: OT: Laptops for general use & music?

Fellow loopists,


Iíve seen this discussion before regarding laptop use for running all of your effects, looping, etc.


But what are some of you using for reliable laptops that cover all your bases, meaning your workhorse, email, surfing, as well as using some programs like Soundplant, iTunes and/or desktop recording with an interface and Reason, or any other acceptable programs?


Iím currently shopping and have been looking at the following laptops (but Iím open to suggestion):


HP Pavilion series

Dell Inspiron



Which of these are you guys/gals using and are there any reliability issues, or features I would benefit from? Most ďbang for your buckĒ?


You can email me privately, if this has been a beaten horsieÖ