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Re: German audiences (WAS site specific looping)

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 4:03 PM, Dennis Moser <sinsofmachaut@gmail.com> 
> P.S. Sorry I wasn't able to get up to Stockholm, but Berlin CERTAINLY
> kept me busy as I returned with about 15 GB of field recordings and
> new material!

No worries. Great to hear you assembled new material! Let's meet up
next time! :-)

Yes, Berlin is a never ending loop. So big and flat! I hardly got back
to Sweden last time at the Berlin looping festival. Calculated three
hours with the S-Bahn but well at the platform I lost my nerves and
asked an old German lady about what time it might take to my target.
She put up a horrified face and estimated that I had only about forty
percent chance to make it to my bus (yep, 18 hour on bus to Stockholm,
with air pillow and iPod) so I ran out as fast as my instrument case
allowed for and grabbed a taxi cab on der Strasse. The lady in the
taxi told me I was late even given the fact that she was able to drive
extremely fast through Berlin. And boy did she step on it! Parks and
monuments flickered by über-schnell and two and a half hours later I
stepped out of the cab to enter the bus for Stockholm. No time to buy
snacks, the bus driver were already warming up the engine. Planned on
picking up something to eat on the ferry Germany/Scandinavia but
shitloads of migraines kicked in at sea and I had to say goodbye to my
precious Berliner Früstück among gigantic Danish families that were
constantly eating stuff I couldn't stand to smell... ouch - tough
journey. Berlin is fantastic but my exit was an epic failure ;-)