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Re: Evoloop (was: Mobius in a rack unit)

I have not been present here because I work day and night exactly to 
achieve this!
The past years, I translated the EDP ASM soft to the Echoloop VST plugin 
in C++
and the past months, with great help from Bob Amstadt, I adapt this 
software to run on a little Linux processor
as Jeff suspects, its pretty crazy and takes a lot of rewrite, but it 
seems I will manage to maintain the core with the essencial typical 
functions that make it all work the same, so all those musicians who 
composed on the EDP or Mobius for years can seamlessly continue playing 
with the Evoloop rack unit - with next to no audio latency (yes, its not 
like running a plugin on Linux, Bob is much smarter! :-)

back to work

On 11 Sep 2010, at 13:41, Jeff Larson wrote:

>> Price is 295...sooo, anyone interested in doing a Mobius port onto this
>> one? Jeff? ;)
> I've looked at things like this before, the problem with them for me
> boils down to the operating system.  Besides the big things like how
> you interface with MIDI, audio, and display devices, Mobius was also
> designed with certain OS assumptions like virtual memory and a file
> system.
> It wouldn't really be a port, it would be a 25% to 50% rewrite.  If I
> did this it wouldn't be Mobius as we know it today, it would have to
> be much more limited.  
> At the moment I barely have enough time to keep the Windows and Mac
> versions going so I doubt this will ever happen.
> Sorry,
> Jeff