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Re: Mobius in a rack unit

Jeff Larson said (with regard to the Altium NanoBoard):
> I've looked at things like this before, the problem with them for me
> boils down to the operating system.  Besides the big things like how
> you interface with MIDI, audio, and display devices, Mobius was also
> designed with certain OS assumptions like virtual memory and a file
> system.
> It wouldn't really be a port, it would be a 25% to 50% rewrite.  If I
> did this it wouldn't be Mobius as we know it today, it would have to
> be much more limited.  
> At the moment I barely have enough time to keep the Windows and Mac
> versions going so I doubt this will ever happen.
I'd even set the rewrite percentage higher for this, simply because that 
board is based on a FPGA, not a uC, so (unless you want to convert C/C++ 
to a HDL, which is possible but rather inefficient especially for that 
project) we're talking VHDL or Verilog here...

I just had this idea because a) this hardware has everything you'd need, 
b) the "you can't fit Möbius into a rack unit" topic had come up just 
recently and c) the fact that I assume that something like Möbius (due 
to its eight parallel engines and a state-machine-oriented logic) really 
lends itself to be implemented on a FPGA.

But there was a reason I neded my originall message with a 
smileyface...I perfectly understand that you don't want to get into yet 
another version to support.



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