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Re: OT: old skool listening

mark francombe wrote:

> Does any one know?

I'm always looking out for info about the history
of what we might call "ethnic musics", but
I never came across much on this topic.

To be fair though, I tend to think that 
grandfather Butler left Eire in order to escape the music,
it's a genre I've never been drawn to.

(in other words, no I don't know, just have some related ideas)

> Maybe there is an underlying root from English Reels 
> (could be Scottish maybe in origin) that crossed the water with the 
> Irish sea workers 

Listening to the Irish jigs and reels I wonder 
if they've been re-constituted from sheet music
at some time in their development.

Aural traditions around the world tend to have rhythms
that approach the the strong beat rather than follow it,
and I reckon a lot of those jigs/reels would sound 
better if played in that way.

Stephen Goodman wrote:
> Slide guitar is traceable on many accounts to one-stringed 
> African instruments, 

I'd guess it would be ultimately traceable to the music bow,
I'd be interested to hear (or hear about) any African instrument
that had a slide.

Presumably a Berimbau type instrument would be the missing link.

There's certainly the Asian instruments, the most refined being
the gotuvadyam vina.