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RE: Carrying instruments on airplanes - this is cool and very relevant!

 back when I owned a jeff traugott guitar  I bought it with a  Calton case which he insisted on and if you think about,$800-1000 seems like a lot of money to invest in a case., but when you consider how valuable the instrument is, it makes perfect sense.  I will eventually buy one for my custom made hawaiin lap steel if I get the opportunity to travel extensively with it. Both my lap guitar and my martin OM have very nice archtop gieb style cases, very sturdy and well built, but wooden cases do not radiate impact like fiber class or carbon fiber cases do. its much easier to sustain impact cracks from wooden cases. I would not hesistate to recomend one of these. They will build to custom order as well. http://www.caltoncases.com/categories/Custom-Fitted-Instrument-Cases/

Also it seems like carbon fiber technology is really starting to hit its stride and ther are new players cropping up all over though for the most part they have limited sizes and models: like this company whose stuff I've seen and is beautifully made.

As far as gig bags go, I think these are still available. http://www.protecmusic.com/items.aspx?ProductID=406&InstrumentID=16&InstrumentGroupID=4&CategoryID=2&subCategoryID=45These have rigid side protection and built amazing tough and strong. I've had mine for 10 years and still going strong. These would work for solid body guitars and some thinlines but not full size guitars.