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RE: More Eigenharp info + Stick comparison

Yeah, I see what you mean here Per. I love sequenced beats and drum loops/machines personally but this example is just badly done from a groove point of view. I think maybe the player thought "oh I'll put some drums underneath this tune" and grabbed the nearest loop that seemed to fit. The drums are just badly done in this example.
> Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 13:57:55 +0200
> Subject: More Eigenharp info + Stick comparison
> From: perboysen@gmail.com
> To: Loopers-Delight@loo pers-delight.com
> New great CDM round-up on the Eigenharp http://bit.ly/9w73ci! I
> personally prefer the Chapman Stick though http://bit.ly/a9kA6E. Both
> instruments offer the musician to instantly play two different
> sounding rigs by each hand. Sometimes when I get bored with looping,
> because it is so hard to use with rubato playing, I get relief to play
> the Stick without looping. When watching the Eigenharp videos it
> surprises me that so many players go for music based on "beats and
> sequenced patterns"... like they totally miss the big point with the
> Eigenharp as I get it; to free your playing form a fixed tempo and to
> use tempo for your own musical expression.
> Greetings from Sweden
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