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Re: questions for FCB1010 with UnO chip users at the Santa Cruz Loop festival

Point 1:
The only thing I would say about all this, is that... I dont really know why all of you are moaning so much about that FCB1010.. Im sure that We (loopers) are hitting those buttons THOUSANDS of tímes a week... My number 6 has gone wrong admittedly, but that is after 4 years of looping.. its not being used as multi-effects pedel, where maybe I press the 6 button once in a while to turn on the chorus...

The poor old FCB is being driven like a Taxi.. would YOU buy a second hand Taxi? I wouldnt!

Point 2:
 what ever happened to soldering irons? My GR30 guitar synth has almost the same buttons, and Ive changed them ALL!!! its a bit fiddly, and a caring manufacturer might think about that when they put in multiple solder points that must be all DE-soldered to swap them out.

But I did it, and Im not a particularly experience electrician (as you all know by now)...

Point 3:
There ARE some issues with the FCB, and most of us will agree that ITS FAR TOO FUCKING BIG.. and THATS the reason I want a softstep, and have ordered on.

@Bill, twas a good idea to have the softstep sent to you before YK2, but I think theres some setting up to be done, and I would rather take my time to do that at home, where there no beer to be drunk with nice friendly loopers...

Rambling poetic and amusing ending:
Having said all that, I might leave my FCB in Santa Cruz, vertically placed in the sand, like a gravestone...

I will be sorry to see the back of it, a tear will be shed, its been like a faithful old friend, but... well.. now (not unlike some real life old friends) its over-stayed its welcome, left its socks all over the place, its beginning to smell, and looks like its never going to pay any rent... so now that a clean, new, more intelligent friend is coming over to stay for a while...it can just fuck right off...


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe