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SOFTSTEPS for Y2K-X S. Cruz Loop fest? ...Keith are you there?

Hi, loopers! would be possible for Keith Mc Millen take some brand new 
Softsteps to the Fest in order to sell them?
I (But i think not only me) could be very interested on buyng one, I was 
their first 100 list but with the trip to 
S.Cruz that i'm going ti do i didn't order it, I thought i could save 
transports and taxes.

Greetings from Italy

Massimo Liverani

 Since you are both getting  soft steps why  
>don't you guys arrange to pick them up in Berkeley ?  Or have them  
>shipped to Santa Cruz? Or are they already in transet? I assume you  
>are both using them with lap tops? I assume if you are wanting to use  
>them as stand alone midi controllers for your EDP's  you also have   
>the midi converter box ( action figure sold separately) on order? just  
>double checking I would hate for you to get it all the way across the  
>pond only to find out the soft step only has usb out. look at me, i've  
>become a looping co-dependent.
>  bill