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Re: Fighting the temptation to noodle

Mark Hamburg wrote:
> I find I really want 3 feedback levels on my loops:
> * 100%: Really useful when simply closing the loop. Sometimes useful for 
> adding extra material.
> * Something in the middle (TBD -- 60 to 70% seems to work well): Useful 
> for evolving the loop
> * 0%: The loop is now a long delay.
> I don't think anything right now makes this easy to set up all three 
> cases and particularly makes it easy to go into the overdub @ 100% mode 
> from the other cases.

???  but the EDP does that
??? and it does all the things you seek in terms of allowing musical 

saw the rack ears off if necessary

more generally....

Nadia's right though,
kill that loop.
Best advice a looper ever heard.

If the loop device lets you, you can "kill" it
with the option to bring it back later.
If not, then a loop can be re-recorded...
...and if it needs more than one layer learn
to build/re-build loops real fast.
...but don't let the first loop be the continuity,
backbone and main theme of the whole piece.

andy b