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Re: Fighting the temptation to noodle

On Oct 3, 2010, at 12:48 PM, andy butler wrote:

> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> I find I really want 3 feedback levels on my loops:
>> * 100%: Really useful when simply closing the loop. Sometimes useful 
>for adding extra material.
>> * Something in the middle (TBD -- 60 to 70% seems to work well): Useful 
>for evolving the loop
>> * 0%: The loop is now a long delay.
>> I don't think anything right now makes this easy to set up all three 
>cases and particularly makes it easy to go into the overdub @ 100% mode 
>from the other cases.
> ???  but the EDP does that
> ??? and it does all the things you seek in terms of allowing musical 

What the EDP doesn't make it all that easy to do is bounce between "I'd 
like to close the loop seamlessly and hence I want to be overdubbing at 
100%" and "I want to add a new layer and fade the old material back". 
Certainly it can do that, but it's a multi-control operation as opposed to 
just having different modes of working.