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Re: Fighting the temptation to noodle

Mark Hamburg wrote:
> On Oct 3, 2010, at 12:48 PM, andy butler wrote:
>> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>>> I find I really want 3 feedback levels on my loops:
>>> * 100%: Really useful when simply closing the loop. Sometimes useful 
>for adding extra material.
>>> * Something in the middle (TBD -- 60 to 70% seems to work well): 
>Useful for evolving the loop
>>> * 0%: The loop is now a long delay.
>>> I don't think anything right now makes this easy to set up all three 
>cases and particularly makes it easy to go into the overdub @ 100% mode 
>from the other cases.
>> ???  but the EDP does that
>> ??? and it does all the things you seek in terms of allowing musical 
> What the EDP doesn't make it all that easy to do is bounce between
> "I'd like to close the loop seamlessly and hence I want to be
> overdubbing at 100%" and "I want to add a new layer and fade 
>the old material back". Certainly it can do that, but it's a 
>multi-control operation as opposed to just having different modes of 

hi Mark,
the EDP *will* do that, using Substitute as a single operation.
You need to either plug in an expression pedal or
just a dummy jack plug.
Then the expression pedal controls feedback until you
go into Substitute, in which case feedback setting is taken from the 
feedback knob.