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Selling the hardware

Greetings all,

Well, I think I'm going to accept the inevitable (for me at least) and
prepare myself for a musical life in the laptop.  However, to achieve
this I will have to liberate a lot of hardware to raise the cash.  And
so, here is a list of stuff I'll be looking to move to a more
appreciative home.

I've been on this list for ages so I'm sure folks can vouch for me and
I've got the ebay feedback thing if you want.  If you're interested in
anything but don't like the price and want to offer me more feel free.
 If you'd like to offer less, we can talk.

Boss VF-1 $200  Great red half rack of fine Boss effects.  Sort of
like the son of the GP 100 and the GT series I think.  Quite few bells
and whistles, great sounds, very configurable and small.  Original
manual and PS.

Lexicon LXP 5, LXP 1 and MRC (midi controller with four sliders built
to program the LXP and other Lexicon gear)  $200  .Fine set of Lexicon
reverbs and delays and modulation effects.  In combo with the MRC,
this is a very powerful and deep set up of very programmable reverbs.
Original manuals for two and a copy of the other and original power
supply for the the LXPs and a hacked power supply for the MRC (you may
want to replace this as it does work but its not elegant at all).

Elextrix Repeater (with 2 256 MG cards)  $600  You know what this is.
One of the cards works on all the functions and one does MOST (it can
be overloaded and give a too slow error if you push it).  Original
box, manual and PS.  Repeater has been upgraded to the latest 2.1
software and I have those manuals as well.

Electrix EQ-Killer $100  The forgotten effect of the Electrix line.
This is a three band EQ that you can play quite muisically.  It also
has a fine Band Kill setting that sends the killed frequency to the
processor or distination of your choice where it is then routed back
to your original mix.   Original Box, Manual and PS.

Korg AM 8000R $400  I'm not positive I want to sell this, hence the
high price.  Sometimes called the poor man's Eventide, this is an
incredibly versatile mod FX unit.  2 effects groups and a reverb/delay
group that can be routed in any number of ways for some fantastic
sounds.  Can also run 8 foot controllers to really sculpt the sound in
real time if you wish.  Original PS and copy of manual.

Lexicon Vortex $200  You know what this is right.  Original PS and manual.

Boss DR 770 $150 Small compact drum machine with a lot of options to
doctor the sounds to your liking.  Midi out also makes it a decent
sequencer as well. Original PS and copy of the manual.

Alesis ModFX Ampliton $50 Really versatile tremolo and panning device.
 Can set them both up with a variety of options that can produces some
wicked pulses.  Original PS and I might have a manual somewhere (but
its pretty simple to figure out)

Alesis ModFX Phlanger $35  Similiar layout and design as the rest of
the series this one gives you a number of ways to make a flanger
flange magnificently.  No PS (I'll send one if I can find one) and
maybe a manual.

Digitech 2112 (upgraded to a 2120 with a Control One)* $200 This one
is an odd situation.  Its a 2112 tube preamp and multi FX unit with a
2120 chip.  The tube preamp drives a really solid array of digitech
sounds (including a 10 second looper with feedback control).  I really
like the pitch shifting on this unit but its got a lot of great sounds
in it.  It comes with the Control one which is basically a midi
controller designed especially for the 2120.  Easy to program from the
2120 and capable of controlling a whole host of parameters.  Now the
catch on this is, the display on the 2120 has gone out.  It still
lights up but now has no readout.  When it is connected to the C-1 you
can read what patch has been selected and with RP Edit you can easily
program anything on the 2120.  A hassle but possibly worth it for
those who want to.  Comes with Manual and Power cable.

Electrix Filter Factory. $150 Analog Filter that is, like all Electrix
gear, very playable as well.  Good filters coupled with distortions
that can be dropped in and out as you wish.  Midi capable and a really
great analog sound.  Original Box and Manual.

Till now you seriously considered yourself to be the body and to have a
form. That is the primal ignorance which is the root cause of all trouble.

- Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

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