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Re: Selling the hardware


Half of your list sounds like mine (VF-1, LXP-1, LXP-5, MRC, Vortex).

Good luck.

I suppose I ought to hold off putting the rest of mine up on Ebay for  
just a little while longer so we don't produce a glut on the market.



On Oct 3, 2010, at 9:17 PM, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:

> Greetings all,
> Well, I think I'm going to accept the inevitable (for me at least) and
> prepare myself for a musical life in the laptop.  However, to achieve
> this I will have to liberate a lot of hardware to raise the cash.  And
> so, here is a list of stuff I'll be looking to move to a more
> appreciative home.
> I've been on this list for ages so I'm sure folks can vouch for me and
> I've got the ebay feedback thing if you want.  If you're interested in
> anything but don't like the price and want to offer me more feel free.
> If you'd like to offer less, we can talk.
> Boss VF-1 $200  Great red half rack of fine Boss effects.  Sort of
> like the son of the GP 100 and the GT series I think.  Quite few bells
> and whistles, great sounds, very configurable and small.  Original
> manual and PS.
> Lexicon LXP 5, LXP 1 and MRC (midi controller with four sliders built
> to program the LXP and other Lexicon gear)  $200  .Fine set of Lexicon
> reverbs and delays and modulation effects.  In combo with the MRC,
> this is a very powerful and deep set up of very programmable reverbs.
> Original manuals for two and a copy of the other and original power
> supply for the the LXPs and a hacked power supply for the MRC (you may
> want to replace this as it does work but its not elegant at all).
> Elextrix Repeater (with 2 256 MG cards)  $600  You know what this is.
> One of the cards works on all the functions and one does MOST (it can
> be overloaded and give a too slow error if you push it).  Original
> box, manual and PS.  Repeater has been upgraded to the latest 2.1
> software and I have those manuals as well.
> Electrix EQ-Killer $100  The forgotten effect of the Electrix line.
> This is a three band EQ that you can play quite muisically.  It also
> has a fine Band Kill setting that sends the killed frequency to the
> processor or distination of your choice where it is then routed back
> to your original mix.   Original Box, Manual and PS.
> Korg AM 8000R $400  I'm not positive I want to sell this, hence the
> high price.  Sometimes called the poor man's Eventide, this is an
> incredibly versatile mod FX unit.  2 effects groups and a reverb/delay
> group that can be routed in any number of ways for some fantastic
> sounds.  Can also run 8 foot controllers to really sculpt the sound in
> real time if you wish.  Original PS and copy of manual.
> Lexicon Vortex $200  You know what this is right.  Original PS and  
> manual.
> Boss DR 770 $150 Small compact drum machine with a lot of options to
> doctor the sounds to your liking.  Midi out also makes it a decent
> sequencer as well. Original PS and copy of the manual.
> Alesis ModFX Ampliton $50 Really versatile tremolo and panning device.
> Can set them both up with a variety of options that can produces some
> wicked pulses.  Original PS and I might have a manual somewhere (but
> its pretty simple to figure out)
> Alesis ModFX Phlanger $35  Similiar layout and design as the rest of
> the series this one gives you a number of ways to make a flanger
> flange magnificently.  No PS (I'll send one if I can find one) and
> maybe a manual.
> Digitech 2112 (upgraded to a 2120 with a Control One)* $200 This one
> is an odd situation.  Its a 2112 tube preamp and multi FX unit with a
> 2120 chip.  The tube preamp drives a really solid array of digitech
> sounds (including a 10 second looper with feedback control).  I really
> like the pitch shifting on this unit but its got a lot of great sounds
> in it.  It comes with the Control one which is basically a midi
> controller designed especially for the 2120.  Easy to program from the
> 2120 and capable of controlling a whole host of parameters.  Now the
> catch on this is, the display on the 2120 has gone out.  It still
> lights up but now has no readout.  When it is connected to the C-1 you
> can read what patch has been selected and with RP Edit you can easily
> program anything on the 2120.  A hassle but possibly worth it for
> those who want to.  Comes with Manual and Power cable.
> Electrix Filter Factory. $150 Analog Filter that is, like all Electrix
> gear, very playable as well.  Good filters coupled with distortions
> that can be dropped in and out as you wish.  Midi capable and a really
> great analog sound.  Original Box and Manual.
> Kevin
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