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Re: OT Walkers the early years

Thats a sharp eye you have there Rainer, in fact that is Per on lead  
vocals and me playing the black strat ( a large headstock 4 bolt   
transition era late 60's/ 70's model, a Jimi guitar, if you will )  
wish I still had it, and the hair to go with it.
True story,  sometime in the early 70's Rick and I were sitting in a  
salon in  waiting to get our chests waxed when in walks Per for a full  
body wax and mullet!!!!! We knew right away he was our lead singer /  
songwriter /  frontman/ rhythm guitarist even though he had never sung  
or played in his life.! I'M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!  6 months later we were  
climbing the danish charts......where's my beer????