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Re: Re: OT Walkers the early years

  Bill, you mustn't forget to mention that
in those days,  we let Michael Klobuchar mix our entire set through
a single Digitech Space Station.

That was the secret to our success.     All that subtle whammying of the 
sound.................a long time before My Bloody Valentine stole our 

  Now, pass that beer.   And I'd love a small dose of Purple Sunshine 
with it, as well.


On 11:59 AM, William Walker wrote:
> Thats a sharp eye you have there Rainer, in fact that is Per on lead 
> vocals and me playing the black strat ( a large headstock 4 bolt  
> transition era late 60's/ 70's model, a Jimi guitar, if you will ) 
> wish I still had it, and the hair to go with it.
> True story,  sometime in the early 70's Rick and I were sitting in a 
> salon in  waiting to get our chests waxed when in walks Per for a full 
> body wax and mullet!!!!! We knew right away he was our lead singer / 
> songwriter /  frontman/ rhythm guitarist even though he had never sung 
> or played in his life.! I'M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!  6 months later we were 
> climbing the danish charts......where's my beer????
>  Bill