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Re: Y2k hits collection / video recording

Matthias Grob wrote:

> one thing is to run a camera on a stand to have a general document
> a totally different thing is to follow the player to make a nice video
> while we probably do not have any professional or some one patient do 
> carefully do the whole event,

Most of the work would be in the editing.
Apart from that I'm sure it would be easy to make the footage.

> someone grabs the camera (or a second camera?!) and does 
> close ups and whatever he becomes inspired to... 

Sound on Sound had a great article about this recently.

Really you need at least one camera on a tripod,
in addition to any close ups.

Then it's possible to pick the good parts of the close up footage,
and cut to the tripod-cam for the rest.
If the tripod cam is good quality it'll will be possible to zoom
& pan the footage from that for added interest

Sound would need to be recorded at the desk, and synced in the editing.