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Re: Y2k hits collection / video recording

On 5 Oct 2010, at 08:05, Rick Walker wrote:

> HI everyone,
> I am so completely and utterly over my head with this years' festival
> that I cannot possibly undertake a single other 'task'.  Not one more 
> I love Matthias's idea but it's up to you guys to document this festival
> if you want it documented.

oh, sure, you would have been the last person I would have asked to do 
something ;-)
> I'm working as hard as I possibly can, day and night, to make sure that 
>it even occurs.
> I do know two things:
> Bob Amstadt said he would try to document part of it..... so.....
> 1) why doesn't someone (Fabio?  Matthias?) contact him and ask him if
> they could borrow his equipment for the times when he can't document it?

I did yesterday...
> 2)  The wonderful live video artist, Mark Thorton (aka Arkmay) is going 
>to be
> doing a documentary film on this 10th anniversary live looping festival 
> there will be some footage emerging from that I imagine.

great, I did not know! are you on the list, Mark?
> 3)  I encourage people to take 'guerilla'  footage of people's sets to
> augment the point and shoot method of the ustream footage.
> That's what I'm going to do during my sets.

I do not think I understand that... live mixing of cameras?
or are you going to ask someone to operate the general camera while you 
> Everyone has great ideas......................I challenge you all to do 
> proactive about it instead of waiting around for someone to organize it 
>for you.

yeah, I know, my biggest problem is the ideas... I could have such a 
relaxed life without them...
> just sayin'
> see you all there...............I'll be a little the worse for wear,  I 
>warn you,
> but I'll be there with bells and whistles on to represent!
> rick walker