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Re: Y2k hits collection / video recording

  HI everyone,

I am so completely and utterly over my head with this years' festival
that I cannot possibly undertake a single other 'task'.  Not one more 

I love Matthias's idea but it's up to you guys to document this festival
if you want it documented.

I'm working as hard as I possibly can, day and night, to make sure that 
it even occurs.

I do know two things:

Bob Amstadt said he would try to document part of it..... so.....

1) why doesn't someone (Fabio?  Matthias?) contact him and ask him if
they could borrow his equipment for the times when he can't document it?

2)  The wonderful live video artist, Mark Thorton (aka Arkmay) is going 
to be
doing a documentary film on this 10th anniversary live looping festival so
there will be some footage emerging from that I imagine.

3)  I encourage people to take 'guerilla'  footage of people's sets to
augment the point and shoot method of the ustream footage.
That's what I'm going to do during my sets.

Everyone has great ideas......................I challenge you all to do 
proactive about it instead of waiting around for someone to organize it 
for you.

just sayin'

see you all there...............I'll be a little the worse for wear,  I 
warn you,
but I'll be there with bells and whistles on to represent!

rick walker