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Re: Help needed with RC 50 connections set-up

  Andy wrote many wise things,
This one I can't agree with 100% from my experience on stages.

"The idea that condensers are feedback prone is handed down from 
generation to generation of
sound guys... but has no basis in fact whatsoever."

Feedback is a nightmare in the percussion world especially at high SPLs, 
on really big
festival stages, etc.

The AKG C1000s , as a case in point,  is virtually unuseable without the
plastic hyper-cartioid 'focuser' that it comes with from my experience.

There are certain venues where even with the focuser, the AKG C1000s is 
due to feedback.

It , of course, is mitigated by volume but if you are touring and 
playing different venues
and different kinds of professional settings (from talented amateur 
sound people
to completely jaded and coked out pros,  completely untalented amateurs 
and professionals
who are at the top of their game).............one cannot always depend 
upon the monitor
levels being 'reasonable' in volume..................frequently,  you 
have not time to do anything
but get your ass on stage and play under the worst of circumstances.

That's why I take a Sure Beta SM58 in case my beloved C1000s is 'testy'

Also,  as long as we're talking critiques,
I'd agree completely with Rainer's contention that one must have a limiter
on an in ear sound system but mitigate it with what situation you are in.

I don't use a limiter with my system and have never gotten FOH feedback 
in my 'in ears' but I also
am not playing at really high SPLs either.

If I was playing acoustic percussion in a very loud electric band I 
wouldn't even consider
using in ears WITHOUT a limiter, but the fact of the matter is , I don't 
even own one
because I don't play acoustic percussion in those settings (who would 
want to anyway.....
that's when you bring out your Bonham trapset kit and hit like