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Re: Help needed with RC 50 connections set-up

Rick Walker wrote:
>  Andy wrote many wise things,
> This one I can't agree with 100% from my experience on stages.

> "The idea that condensers are feedback prone is handed down from 
> generation to generation of
> sound guys... but has no basis in fact whatsoever."

Even in the face of Rick's evidence I gonna stick with that statement,
especially since all the top mic manufacturers are now producing
condenser mics specifically aimed at stage use (even Neumann).
Condensers tend to have a more accurate polar pattern, so if
correctly aligned with the monitor should give better rejection.

Of course, if we're talking about individual mics 
then that doesn't necessarily apply.

I'd agree with Rick, in a gig situation
the monitoring can be awful with a very uneven frequency response.

It makes sense to try a different mic like the SM58, in the hope
that the dips in it's frequency response line up with the 
peaks in the monitoring .

One advantage of the SM58 is that (strange/insane as it may  
seem) it's common practise to set up pa systems using an SM58.
(the whole foh mix is put through a graphic equaliser which is 
used to null out feedback).
Under those situations, any non-SM58 is at a disadvantage.
(and I've sometimes found pa people uninterested in getting the best
out of any other mic).

I don't know the C1000, maybe it's not a typical condenser mic
in terms of polar response (quite likely with it's budget
method for attaining a dual pattern.)

The old pa guy mantra is "condensers feed back because they 
are more sensitive"...I've heard it many times...origins
and meaning lost to antiquity.

The mic I'd try is the trusty Sennheiser 421, 
as used by 


ps. *do* check out that link, it's important

> Feedback is a nightmare in the percussion world especially at high SPLs, 
> on really big
> festival stages, etc.
> The AKG C1000s , as a case in point,  is virtually unuseable without the
> plastic hyper-cartioid 'focuser' that it comes with from my experience.
> There are certain venues where even with the focuser, the AKG C1000s is 
> untenable
> due to feedback.
> It , of course, is mitigated by volume but if you are touring and 
> playing different venues
> and different kinds of professional settings (from talented amateur 
> sound people
> to completely jaded and coked out pros,  completely untalented amateurs 
> and professionals
> who are at the top of their game).............one cannot always depend 
> upon the monitor
> levels being 'reasonable' in volume..................frequently,  you 
> have not time to do anything
> but get your ass on stage and play under the worst of circumstances.
> That's why I take a Sure Beta SM58 in case my beloved C1000s is 'testy'