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Re: taking a Pedalboard full of pedals on the plane

A good seven or eight times out of ten, I'm able to take my full-size 
acoustic guitar onto the plane, in a hard gig bag. An electric will be 
even easier (in a gig bag). Crews are almost always very helpful - 
they'd rather you NOT check an instrument. Often they can find space in 
a closet, most often they allow me to find space of my own in the 
overhead. Make sure to book a seat way in the back, get in line to get 
on the plane as early as possible, run back there and claim your space.

Regarding the pedalboard, I'd check the board itself, but take your most 
valuable pedals onboard in a big laptop bag or rolling carry-on suitcase.

My best travel tip - take minimal clothes and do a load of laundry after 
a few days!

Daryl Shawn