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Re: taking a Pedalboard full of pedals on the plane

Also note that if you have a pre-2007 Model C, it 
can be upgraded to a stronger neodimium magnet:


At 2010.10.05 04:22 PM, tEd ® kiLLiAn wrote:
>Alan Hoover of Maniac Music does Sustainiac repairs and is quite friendly.
>I've had my model B since 1985 and periodically, yes, things do break.
>I never play without the silly thing (it has 
>become so essential to what I do) so it's no surprise things break or 
>wear out.
>But, considering I've been using it for a 
>quarter of s century, not all that often.
>Give him a call, wrap the whole Model C system 
>up in bubble wrap in a box, and ship it to him.
>It's usually nothing serious and always fixable (in my experience).
>I just sold off my Model C to a fellow looper on 
>this list (since I've always preferred the older model anyway).
>If it isn't working for you, get it fixed . . . 
>perhaps even while you're in the states.
>I feel somewhat responsible I guess, since I 
>feel like I talked you into the thing in some way.
>But there is no sense not getting it fixed . . . 
>even if it's only to turn around and sell it on Ebay.