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Re: taking a Pedalboard full of pedals on the plane

Have you checked out Ned Evett? He plays a mean fretless w/Fernandes 
sustainor. With a glass fretboard also.

Check this out at about 3 min in it changes to a great looped demo of it 
the middle of the song for some reason, the full version of that middle 
section doesnt play any more.



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Subject: Re: taking a Pedalboard full of pedals on the plane

> On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 10:19 PM, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:
>> yes my only fear is that they will lose my gear or most importantly my
>> guitar,
> I've had a instrument from 1929 "tagged as suspect luggage and carried
> away for termination within 30 minutes if not claimed by the owner" so
> I totally get your point, Jeff!
> I'll bring a guitar in a sturdy Gator case to check in and a small
> second instrument in the cabin, just in case.
> mark francombe wrote:
>> very very big suitcase, with er... lots and lots of socks in...
>> I have smelly feet ok? I need socks!
> I bring two pair of socks. And a small bag of white powder in the
> guitar case - detergent!
> BTW, I'm looking forward to see your sustainer equipped guitars, Mark
> and Jeff. I'd like to get such a pick-up for my fretless guitar ASAP.
> Some years ago I bought a the mechanical vibrator driven Sustaniac-C
> but that turned out to be a mistake as the magnet lost power and it
> hardly works at all now. But since my fretless Tele can't handle the
> magnetic waves from a sustaine pick-up I need to switch guitar before
> I even start looking at sustainer pickups. The French Vigier
> Surfretter looks as a very good instrument for the money:
> http://www.vigierguitars.com/  I meet many guitar builders in my daily
> life and it always surprises my that no one builds fretless necks!
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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> www.perboysen.com
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