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Re: M-9 looper issues

Bill, i just tested mine like that with no artifacts. I built a loop in 
speed and then brought volume and overdub all the way down via ex ped. I 
also built one in normal speed then put it in half speed and did the same 
and it just comes up blank if I don't add anything to it.. No artifacts.
see ya at Y2K!


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From: "William Walker" <billwalker@baymoon.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:47 PM
Subject: M-9 looper issues

>i wonder if any one has been experiencing what I have been with my  M-9's 
>looper, I have an expression pedal set to control both the  volume and 
>feedback of the looper and I've been leaving the looper  at the front of 
>the effects chain so I can change the effects post  loop. What happens is 
>after i create a loop, if i am in overdub mode  and have the pedal off 
>(heal down) so that the feedback is at minimum  and volume is also at 
>minimum, when I put my toe down and bring the  loop back up , it has 
>away as i want it too, but it is also full  of artifacts and is severely 
>degraded, not just faded. It may have to  do with being if half speed, 
>it seems like a phenomena when you  leave the looper in overdub mode with 
>ought adding anything new anyone  else have this issue?
>  Bill