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Re: Using Vox ToneLab LE for looping

At 9:49 AM +0200 10/8/10, Christo Jota wrote:
>What do you think/know about the first edition 
>of VOX Tone Lab, not the LE-series.
>Itīs the blue, vintage looking device.
>Do you or everyone else know if itīs good sounding etc?


Are you talking about the original ToneLab 
tabletop model (compact blue model), or the 
ToneLab SE floorpedal (blue pedalboard with two 

I've got one of the tabletop "blue meanies". 
It's an excellent device and sounds great, but 
there are a couple of things that might make you 
want to consider the SE pedalboard instead. 
Obviously, the tabletop version has no 
footswitches (although there are a couple of 
jacks for external pedals in the back), so it's 
really meant more to be controlled by a MIDI 
controller for live use.  This can be a good 
thing if you already have a MIDI pedalboard, or a 
bad one if you don't and need to purchase more 

However, the biggest shortcoming I've found in 
the original tabletop model is that it came out 
before they implemented that wonderful 8-second 
looping delay into the ToneLabs.  The ToneLab SE 
has that, but for the original ToneLab... no such 
luck.  Otherwise, I think it sounds great, just 
the way you'd expect it to.

As for the ToneLab SE, look back through the 
archives, since Bill Walker was a heavy user for 
a long time (until he finally went totally 
boutique analog for his tone-shaping, I believe). 
If you look through his previous posts to this 
list, you'll find a lot of very useful 
information and impressions on using the ToneLab 
live and as a looping device.

Remember, the archive search is your friend....  ;)

        -- m.
"...but Whitey had not, and was not, coming up with it."