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Re: Using Vox ToneLab LE for looping

I meant the ToneLab tabletop model.
But maybe I should look for the SE model.
The delay function sounds interesting although I donīt need
the looper function that much.
If I had a good delay and amp modeling in one device,
I could sell the external Boss DD20 Delay.
Easier for live-gigs with less equipement.
OR does the tabeltop model have good delay options too,
just not having the loop function?
Then I might use the Tabletop with a midi controller.
Which is more gear, youīre right.


From: "Dustbunnies" <mech@m3ch.net>
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2010 10:28 AM
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Subject: Re: Using Vox ToneLab LE for looping

> At 9:49 AM +0200 10/8/10, Christo Jota wrote:
>>What do you think/know about the first edition of VOX Tone Lab, not the 
>>Itīs the blue, vintage looking device.
>>Do you or everyone else know if itīs good sounding etc?
> Christo,
> Are you talking about the original ToneLab tabletop model (compact blue 
> model), or the ToneLab SE floorpedal (blue pedalboard with two 
> footpedals)?
> I've got one of the tabletop "blue meanies". It's an excellent device 
> sounds great, but there are a couple of things that might make you want 
> consider the SE pedalboard instead. Obviously, the tabletop version has 
> footswitches (although there are a couple of jacks for external pedals 
> the back), so it's really meant more to be controlled by a MIDI 
> for live use.  This can be a good thing if you already have a MIDI 
> pedalboard, or a bad one if you don't and need to purchase more gear.
> However, the biggest shortcoming I've found in the original tabletop 
> is that it came out before they implemented that wonderful 8-second 
> looping delay into the ToneLabs.  The ToneLab SE has that, but for the 
> original ToneLab... no such luck.  Otherwise, I think it sounds great, 
> just the way you'd expect it to.
> As for the ToneLab SE, look back through the archives, since Bill Walker 
> was a heavy user for a long time (until he finally went totally boutique 
> analog for his tone-shaping, I believe). If you look through his 
> posts to this list, you'll find a lot of very useful information and 
> impressions on using the ToneLab live and as a looping device.
> Remember, the archive search is your friend....  ;)
> -- m.
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