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Re: making money off your music

  Kris wrote:
"Another idea is selling thumb drives.  You could get a 6 gig thumb 
drive and put all sorts on things on it"

I have a project in mind around exactly that same idea but I've been 
researching 4 gig - 8 gig
thumb drive prices and the cheapest you can buy them is around $7-$8 each.

What do you sell it for to make it worth it's while?     I'd say at 
least $20 but I honestly
think that won't float in this economy.

Another approach is the approach being taken by Steve Wilson, the leader of
Porcupine Tree where he invests in the artwork of a really nicely done 
and sells it all as an 'object d-art'.

It works for him because
1)  he's built a following up for years and years
2)  he has the money to invest in the first place
3)  he lives with his parents who support him in lots of ways

Still,  I've decide that's going to be my approach..........merely 
because I want to create
art , even if it is modest art.   This next year of my life I"m finally 
going to have the time and
energy to finish several projects that have been gestating for the past 
5 years.

LOL,  I"m just going to flood the world with new art and hope somebody 
wants to
buy it.