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Re: making money off your music

  Mark Francombe wrote:

"Art will never die, long live Art!:

Yeah, verily!!!!!!

I'm really enjoying this thread..............which started out 
depressing to me but
I also realized how much Ilove this list and all the people on it with 
their attitudes
towards music.

Beautiful and informative responses by everybody!

I realize that as hard as doing the looping festival is for me,  that 
it's always the highlight of
my life each year and that I"m so excited to get to physically hang out 
with several members
of this very thread.

long live Art!!!!

I can't imagine life without it, frankly!

Now back to trying to figure out how to get everybody from the airport 
to my home
and to the gigs on Wednesday and Thursday.......lol

gratefully,   Rick Walker