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Re: making money off your music

  Erdem wrote:
"that means that we have trained ourselves to become a sound engineer, 
producer, remixer, arranger, performing artist, contemporary music 
composer etc and everything in between in one personality!"


for the record, in order to make my rent and buy equipment (and food), I 

been a bandleader, a promoter,  a festival organizer,  put up posters 
made posters professionally,  been a band manager,   been a professional 
been a professional music business consultant,  been a live sound 
engineer,  been a
studio engineer,   been a producer,   been a remixer,  been a masterer,  
been a studio
musician,  been a hired gun (drums/percussion), been an author,  been a 
been a teacher of percussion, drums, digital sound design, production, 
rhythmic theory, timbral and acoustic theory,  been an instrument 
designer, been
an endorsing artist,  been a software developer,  been a drum 
programmer, bought
and sold used equipment and  worked the counter at a music store (back 
in the day) all
in order to stay solvent as a musician.

It keeps you young, though,  I have to say.

thanks for you inspiring message,  Erdem!   Good luck with your artistry 
in Turkey and all over
the world...............good things are coming for you, my talented friend!